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October 01, 2019 0 Comments

Trying Cannabis For The First Time? Here’s All You Need to Know

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, a large number of people want to try it for its benefits. And if you are one of those people who wants to try cannabis for the first time, you are in the right place. There are two types of people, ones who say, you won’t feel anything the first time you try cannabis. And the second type of people are who say, the first time is the best thing they have ever felt. I remember when I first tried cannabis, I was with my band members (yeah, I’m in a rock band, I’m pretty cool). I couldn’t inhale the first puff quite nicely, so my guitarist (being a self-acclaimed ‘expert’) taught me how to do it. And after 4 to 5 puffs, oweehee! Yes, I was high, and man, I loved it. And, there was nothing scary about it.

Congratulations, you have finally decided to jump on the ride. Whether you’re consuming it for medical purposes or recreational purposes, there are certain things you should keep in mind before going for it for the first time to get a good experience. So, let me welcome to your new adventure by guiding you with a few tips that you need to know for your first time experience with cannabis.

When, Where And With Whom?
So, you have bought your cannabis, now you are just wondering when to consume it. Ask yourself a few questions like “am I feeling generally good about myself”, “am I rested, fed, and how’s my company”, “am I confident about the strain I have”? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are fine to go.

But, before that, there are a few more things you need to consider. Make sure you are comfortable where you are. Feeling secure and comfortable is very important. Don’t be in a strange place with not-so-close people. Surround yourself with your close friends, people you can trust. Also, be at someplace where you can lie down after consuming cannabis.

Know Your Purpose of Using
Be clear about why you want to consume it. Is it for medical purposes or recreational purposes? Do you want to use it for your sleeping problems or for your anxiety, or just for recreational purposes? Make up your mind and then go to buy your cannabis.

Choose The Strain Accordingly
Once you know why you want to use it, it will be easier for you to choose which strain you want to buy. The most common misconception about strains is that people think, “it’s all the same, only the names change”. It is not true at all. Strains have different names because they serve different purposes. They have slight differences in their structure, composition, and impact on the human body.

There are primarily three major types of cannabis. These are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. The effects of these strains will vary depending on the strain you use. Every strain has a different THC and CBD ratio, this dictates the effects of the strain.
Indica: This type of strain is a good option for you if you want to relax. It has a high concentration of CBD and it is best to consume it during the nighttime.
Sativa: A Sativa can be your best choice if you want to be more active. Unlike Indica, this one is a good daytime option.
Hybrid: The name tells it all. It is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica strains. The parent strains determine the features of a hybrid.

Be Prepared to Not Feel Anything
It can be very much possible that you don’t feel any ‘high’ the first time you consume cannabis. Especially if you smoke it. The dose can be low, or there can be no reason. But, there’s a possibility that you feel nothing or not get high. It is advised to take a small dose for your first time. But, even the right dose sometimes does not affect much. You just have to keep trying for the next time. Do don’t get your expectations too high.

Never Mix Your ‘Drugs’
Cannabis is the safest recreational ‘drug’ out there. But, deciding to consume it when you’re already in an altered state is a bad idea. And the biggest culprit of all is alcohol. You are trying cannabis for the first time, hence you are not used to the effects of cannabis. The effects of alcohol will blur your perception of how cannabis is affecting you. This can also lead to making you feel disoriented and you can even throw up rather than enjoying the new and pleasant experience.

Consider Your Medical or Psychological Conditions
Either you are diabetic or suffering from depression, cannabis can interact with other medications and conditions, and this should not be underestimated. Consult your physician if you know or suspect any factor that can disturb your use of cannabis.

Keep Yourself Hydrated
If you don’t want to end up looking like Spongebob when he visited Sandy’s house for the first time, keep hydrating yourself. Drink a lot of water before you are going to indulge yourself in the arts of cannabis.

What All You Can Expect After Consuming Cannabis
You just consumed your cannabis, your heart has started to race a bit, you can get nervous and tense about what you are feeling now. Just take a moment and breathe deeply. You can feel kind of light-headed or you can feel your heart race a bit. This is OK, it will pass in a minute. You just have to calm.
There are a few more things that you can expect after consuming cannabis. Some of them include; cotton-mouth, you will feel your mouth is dry. Marijuana will dry your mouth and eyes. So make sure you have plenty of water around you. You will also get the munchies, the cannabinoids in cannabis work with your neurons, and they tell your brain it’s time to eat, even if it’s not.

When you are trying cannabis for the first time, do not overdo it. If you are not feeling the effects that much, it’s fine. It happens to a lot of people. Give it some time, keep trying later. But, do not overdo in one go. Know your limits so that the fun experience doesn’t turn into a bad one. Its always a good idea to see a New York marijuana doctor for dosing and choosing the right product.