Understanding New York Medical Marijuana Laws- Is Weed Legal in NY?

New York medical marijuana laws came into effect after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed New York’s Medical Marijuana Bill into law in July 2014. The law, which is now popularly referred to as the Compassionate Care Act (S7923), protects patients as well as caregivers after obtaining a registry identification card issued by a licensed or registered physician. 

New York became the 23rd state to introduce marijuana legalization for patients with debilitating medical conditions. And all of this happened in the presence of Amanda Houser. A patient that was suffering from Dravet Syndrome that caused her to experience multiple seizures every day. Patients like her could now access medical marijuana and alleviate their symptoms without fearing any legal hassles anymore. 

What Are the New York Medical Marijuana Laws?

Precisely the following laws or acts are working in the state of New York concerning the use of medical marijuana. Here are the laws that govern all the rules and regulations concerning marijuana legalization in New york.

AB 6357

This bill governs the “medical use of marijuana.” It gives you an idea of the laws of New York concerning the use of medical marijuana by patients. And how they can get access to different products. Patients often get confused about “Is weed legal in New York?” irrespective of the fact that different sets of laws guard the use of medical marijuana. 

I am taking you through the guidelines issued by the Department of Health, New York. Make sure you go through the rules clearly to avoid any legal issues. 

Senate Bill S6579A

As per this law, residents across the state can now smoke or possess around 2 ounces of marijuana without any criminal implications. This changes the position of marijuana possession from a low-level misdemeanor to a non-criminal violation. But, there is a glitch, you can receive a summon that might result in fines. A penalty might be as less as $50 or a max of $200. 


How to Become a Qualifying Medical Marijuana Patient in New York?

There are a lot of complexities to becoming a legal marijuana patient in New York. It does not end with doctor recommendations. Let’s delve into some more information concerning the New York medical marijuana laws and regulations.

What Medical Conditions Will Make You Eligible For Medical Marijuana in New York?

Not every medical condition is enlisted among the qualifying conditions. If you have one or more severe debilitating or life-threatening medical conditions such as:

  1. Cancer
  3. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  4. Parkinson’s Disease
  5. Huntington’s Disease
  6. MS
  7. Spinal Cord Injury including Spasticity
  8. Epilepsy
  9. IBD
  10. Neuropathy
  11. PTSD
  12. Chronic pain (Only the ones that degrade your ability to conduct your daily life activities or your health as a whole)
  13. Or any other debilitating conditions including one or more of the complications such as Cachexia, severe or chronic pain, nausea, seizures, Opioid use disorder, persistent muscle spasms. 

How to Register For a Medical Marijuana Card?

  1. The first step to entering a medical marijuana program is finding a registered practitioner. After finding one, ask him/her to certify you as a qualifying patient. 
  2. Once you are done with that, login https://my.ny.gov/ and create an ID first. Follow the instructions using this link https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/medical_marijuana/docs/my_ny_gov_instructions.pdf
  3. Then click on the icon referring to “ Health Applications,” and then click on the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System.” There is a $50 fee as per the Compassionate Care Act. However, for now, the Department is waiving the prices for all caregivers and qualified patients. 
  4. Patients are given a chance to designate at least two caregivers. Once your registration is processed, look for the caregiver’s enrollment in the next part of the article.
  5. After the approval, the department will issue a temporary registry identification card that can be used with the government-issued photo identification until you get your final ID card via mail. At the time of renewal, the patient and caregiver must register at the same time. 
  6. Patients must always carry their ID cards and certifications whenever purchasing their medications. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Marijuana Use in New York

One can find patients looking for several queries concerning “how much weed is legal in New York?” or “what weed is legal in New York?” We have enlisted some of the vital queries tp help you with all those questions. 

What are the forms of medical marijuana products allowed in New York?

The following are the approved forms of medical marijuana available in New York, but they are are not limited to just that. They include solid or semi-solid dosage forms like capsules, tablets, or lozenges, oils for vaping or for oral use, ground preparations or marijuana plants, topicals, and transdermals. Edibles are prohibited as per New York medical marijuana laws. 

What Must a Practitioner Certificate Include?

The certifying practitioner must include all the information such as the approved form of medical marijuana, its administration method, any limitations associated with it. If there is a recommended dosage, include that as well in the certificate. 

How much Weed is Legal in New York?

Registered organizations can dispense not more than 30- day supply of medical marijuana to any certified patient or designated caregiver. You can get the information about registered organizations by clicking here.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana at Registered Organizations?

Certified patients or designated caregivers must always carry their registry ID cards along with certifications to possess or carry the approved marijuana products. Make sure you don’t travel with these products outside the state. Caregivers need to carry their registry ID cards along with their patient’s certifications to dispense any approved products. 

How to Register as a Designated Caregiver in New York?

Any designated caregiver needs to register with the Department of Health to receive a registry identification card. They can possess, deliver, transfer, transport, or administer marijuana products to their patients using that. As per the New York medical marijuana laws, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to complete your registration process. But, before anything, patients must designate you as their caregiver within the Medical Marijuana Data Management System. Once that is done, you have to follow the exact steps as one does for applying as a patient. 

If you are running a caregiving facility, you can still register as a designated caregiver. The Department of Health allows the following facilities as designated caregivers. 

  1. General hospital operating as per Article 28 of Public Health Law
  2. An adult care facility that is operating as per Title 2 of Article7 of the Social Services Law. 
  3. A mental Health hygiene facility or a residential treatment facility for children or youth in accordance with Article 31 of Mental Hygiene Law.
  4. A private or public school. 

How to Register as a Practitioner With The Medical Marijuana Program?

As per the 10 NYCRR §1004.1(a), if you wish to issue medical marijuana certifications, you must:

  1. Be qualified to treat patients with one or more medical conditions. For that, you must have a valid Federal Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 certification. 
  2. Be practicing medicine as per Article 131 of the NYS Education Law. Or be certified as a nurse practitioner as per Article 139 in the same law. You can also be licensed physician assistance as per Article 131-B of the NYS Education Law. 
  3. Have completed a course approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Health. 
  4. Be registered with the New York State Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program.

You can look for the relevant information for registering as a designated practitioner by clicking here. 

Summary of New York Medical Marijuana Laws- Compassionate Care Act


  1. A registered health care practitioner must certify them.
  2. They must have a qualifying medical condition (debilitating or life-threatening).


  1. Report all the information to the Department of Health.
  2. Must certify medical marijuana within limits.
  3. They can never certify themselves as patients.


  1. Must be registered with the Department of Health.
  2. They must be above the age of 21 years.
  3. Cannot help more than five designated patients. 

Learn How to Live Like a Pro With Medical Marijuana

Life is not easy in this busy world. The way people are living their life is leading them to an unhealthy lifestyle. This is where a New York marijuana card can come to your rescue. People are not focusing on the right meals, workouts, sleep, etc. We can understand that there are many distractions for them. But, still, health is wealth, and it must come first, always. So, here the medical marijuana enters our life. Due to medical in its name, people are still puzzling it for medicinal uses only. But it has a lot more bonuses. It is a hack for many or can say all the daily life problems. Once you introduce medical cannabis in your life, you experience a different life. Let’s learn how?

Cooking Enthusiasts

Many folks love cooking. If I talk about myself, then I too prefer to indulge in cooking occasionally. But, some people have responsibilities, and the kitchen eventually becomes a chore for them. And the irony here is that they can’t get rid of it either. Multiple studies claim that smoking weed can relax a person. And it can reduce anxiety to a great extent. So, fatigue is no more a question when marijuana is your relieving partner. Just get ablaze, and serve your family the best meal of the evening. With a New York marijuana card, you can easily get access to canna oil for your cooking. You don’t have to get them a THC based oil. CBD works well for your friends and family. I would say that be ready for the praises and love your family will pour over you.

Make Your Green Dream True

Gardening is one of the popular free-time activities. People who love plants are crazy about their yard. It is like after the food they live for their green dream. But, the hectic schedule of today’s life is something no can get rid of. Now, when we are discussing green medicine, things are looking easier. Either you want to grow it or love to puff it, it’s always there in your corner, no matter what! Especially, those people who are suffering through arthritis, marijuana can come useful for them. Weed helps to reduce the pain and helps you spend some fun time with your plants.

Be a Writer

Well, if you write, you are already a writer. But, being a writer, one has to show a different level of creativity. That’s why maybe, writers travel from place to place for inspiration. But, what if medical marijuana becomes your creative partner. Here, I want to share a story I read about the singer, Lady Gaga. She said, “I smoke weed when I write my songs.” Isn’t it great that we have proof that people who are famous worldwide are using it? Lady Gaga is one of the best writers, and she has received many awards for that as well. Now, even you all can compare how infusing hemp can infuse a newness factor in you.

Wear a Good Nightcap Every Night

This is well known that CBD contents of medical marijuana can help you sleep better. People nowadays have anxiety-rooted insomnia. Marijuana cannabinoid pills can cure every kind of sleeping disorder. It means if you are an owl or get sleep in disturbed patterns, or feel uneasy while sleeping- it treats everything. The problem is insomnia not only makes your nights sick but your days dull as well. So, why to sacrifice your solace, get your medical marijuana card, and buy your desired strain.

Your Love Life Gets Better With A New York Marijuana Card

Even watching ‘Friends’ becomes funnier after smoking weed. So, what about your sex life? Without any doubt, this green drug cum medicine does wonders for your sex life. Pot can make intimacy better in many ways. Often partners hesitate to try new stuff and fulfill their fantasies. And that is the point where many of the couples fail to infuse newness in their relationship. Smoking weed enhances the euphoric feeling. As a result, couples feel emotionally closer and work on exploring a fantastic bed life. Using marijuana help people to discuss what makes them happy the most in the bed. Indeed, communication is the key to all successful relationships in the world. So, treat your love with more love and marijuana.

Stimulate Your Appetite

Eating less can affect your overall well-being. It is entirely right that when you eat food, your body consumes the food. But, when you don’t, your body starts eating itself. So, those who struggle to get enough food, green cannabis can help them. It stimulates your appetite and let you feel high on energy all the time. That’s quite obvious when you eat sufficiently, your system gets the right shape, and it has its own fruits. You know you can get yourself quite a few tasty treats with a New York marijuana card. Right?

Moreover, the best part is that you can enjoy your favorite food without getting obese. Since weed lower levels of fasting insulin, so you are good to go with sugar. But yes, excess of everything is terrible, so keep your hunger games in a bit of control.

Help Yourself With Cleaning

Cannabis is good because you get high. But, more than that, THC causes your brain to release the happy hormone (dopamine). Whatever you do, it doesn’t bother you much. Whether laundry or cleaning or any other home chores, things become more comfortable for you. Toke a bit and start maintaining your home, it’ll seem like you have finished doing everything in no time.

Conclusion- In a nutshell, marijuana is in the midst of everything in your life. Suppose there is a problem, at the same place, there is new york marijuana to help you. The energy and confidence, this green herb gives you is beyond any comparison. No doubt, it helps you to live happy, active, and most like a pro.