Cannabis 101: Tips for People Using Edibles for the First Time

CBD Edibles

Cannabis is now legal in New York. The new law has laid down a number of provisions which includes allowing the use of cannabis products which were earlier banned for consumption. That’s good news for all those who have been wondering what edibles taste and feel like. You are now legally allowed to buy and consume cannabis edibles. 

But wait! 

Before you use your New York medical card and visit a dispensary to explore the new edibles in store, you must learn how to buy the best quality edibles and also use them effectively. That’s the only way to have the best experience with edibles. 

We can give you a hand. Just read along to find some really useful tips that can help you buy and use cannabis for the first time. 

Tips to Buy Cannabis Edibles 

When buying cannabis edibles for the first time, you need to be careful about the products you buy. All you need to do is remember a few steps before making your first purchase. So, let’s go through each one by one. 

Always Buy From Registered Dispensaries or Online Stores

Never buy cannabis edibles from a source you do not trust. Buying cannabis edibles or any other products from unregistered sellers can be a call for trouble. You must always go for state-registered dispensaries or reliable online stores to buy cannabis edibles. The reason behind choosing registered sellers is the fact that they always sell quality products from reliable brands. 

Cannabis edibles are a little tricker to dose. Only proper companies and brands have access to expert personnel and instruments that can create cannabis edibles as per the instructions. These registered brands can offer a huge range in terms of doses with each edible. And the most important part is that you can rely on the dose they claim to have in their edibles. 

Otherwise, you can end up with contaminated or unreliable doses in edibles bought from unregistered sellers. 

Read the Labels

The next most important step is to read the labels. When buying edibles from a registered source, you will find proper labels on every product. Take the time to read it because it will help you understand the quality of the product and also compare different edibles to find the best one for yourself. 

Check the cannabinoid strength especially the THC and CBD ratio, the production process, and manufacturing and expiration date and other certifications. The labels will also give you an idea about the additional ingredients that may be used in the production of the edible to give you a heads up about any possible allergens or ingredients that you wish to avoid.

Always Check the COA 

In addition to the labels, you can also get a better idea about a product from its certificate of analysis. It’s a certificate issued by a third party testing laboratory that undergoes several tests on every batch of a brand’s products. From microbial analysis, residual solvents to moisture content, everything is tested and mentioned in the COA to ensure transparency of the safety of the edible. 

Tips For Consuming Edibles For the First Time

While edibles is one of the many methods of administration, it works differently from the other methods. This is the reason why you need to be extra careful when taking your first bite. Here’s how you can keep caution from your side. 

Don’t Overestimate Your Dose

The taste and appearance of edibles can often make people forget that they are infused with medical marijuana. But do not let yourself be swayed by the deliciousness. Because it can lead to overdosing. 

Also, dosing with edibles is not a herculean task since most brands have only a specific concentration of cannabinoids in an edible. And generally, the amount is very low which allows easy microdosing. However, you need to be careful with the total amount you are consuming in a day. 

A high dose of edibles may be more intoxicating than smokables or other methods. 

Have Patience 

One characteristic feature of cannabis edibles is that they have a slow onset. Since the effects vary from person to person, the onset can also vary according to the individual characteristics of the consumer. 

So, you can expect the edibles to kick in anywhere within 30 to 90 minutes. If you are a beginner, keep that in mind. Do not be hasty. If you think that an edible is not working, try increasing the dose the next day by a very little amount and wait. 

Stay In a Safe Place

When using cannabis edibles or any cannabis product for that matter, beginners should always stay in a safe place. Also, avoid taking part in any activity that requires alertness or can cause risk to your safety or that of others. 

Edibles can turn out to be more potent than you would expect. In some people, THC can turn into a more potent 11-hydroxy-THC which can cause more intense intoxication. This is one of the reasons why all doctors advise patients to microdose and be very careful when using edibles. 

Learn to Deal With a High

Overdosing with edibles is very common among beginners. In case that happens with you, you must be able to deal with it in an effective manner. 

First of all, you must realize that cannabis overdoses are very rarely fatal. In most cases, proper rest can wash off the effects. You can also try other tips and tricks like hydrating yourself or consuming healthy food. 

Sometimes, CBD can also help negate the psychological effects of THC. 

In any case, it’s best to have a doctor or professional on speed dial so that you can have expert help immediately. The best option is to always consume edibles in the presence of someone trustworthy. 

Having gone through these points, you will now be able to have a great first experience with edibles.

Understanding Cannabis Edibles as a Method of Administration

Cannabis edibles

With the cannabis market growing every day, patients with a New York medical marijuana card now have a wider range of products to choose from as their method of administration. Choosing the right one can take some time but it’s essential to pick one that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. 

So, this blog is all about giving you a little helping hand with the same. 

Cannabis edibles are one of the many forms of methods of administration. But, before you go ahead and pick a pack of gummies or chocolates, it’s important to get an in-depth understanding of the types of edibles, the right dosage, the way they work in the body and all other basics. If you’re ready, just read along to learn everything about cannabis edibles as a method of administration.  

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are not a fancy or complicated cannabis product. It’s essentially food or anything that you can ingest which is infused with cannabis or its derivatives as an active ingredient. 

These edibles are very carefully made to help patients deal with their medical conditions better. Each of these edibles is infused with only a specific amount of cannabis compound in order to deliver consistent effects. 

Each edible is properly labeled to give an idea of the concentration of cannabis as well as other ingredients in it. So patients can go through the labels to ensure that it’s a perfect match for them. The quality of edibles will be better if you buy yours from state-registered dispensaries. 

How Do They Work?

Edibles are totally different forms of methods of administration which is why the way they work in the body is also very different from other methods. 

Cannabis edibles are consumed by ingestion just like normal food. So, it goes through the same process as any other food or beverage you consume. This means that the process involves your body’s digestive system. 

So when you consume cannabis edible, they enter your stomach, pass through the liver and every other organ that’s a part of the digestive system. So, it is only when the entire process of digestion is complete that the cannabis edibles fully metabolize and enter the bloodstream. It is only then that you feel the effects completely.  

This long process is the reason why edibles have a long onset time of about 30 to 90 hours. In some cases, it may take even longer for the body to metabolize and deliver the cannabinoids in the bloodstream. 

Types of Edibles

How many types of edibles exist? As many as you can think of. 

Gummies are the most common types of edibles. These come in different shapes, flavors and types. So, whether you like assorted flavors or a vegan variety, there’s a box for everyone. Lollipops fall in the same line of sweet cannabis candies. From blueberry to mint, you can find every flavor. 

Brownies and chocolates are probably the most well-known cannabis edibles. The varieties of flavors in each category are also astonishing. You can also try to make them at home if you wish. 

Nowadays, there are other varieties too like popcorns, cupcakes, beef jerky, etc. You can even find beverages that start from as basic as water to more sophisticated ones like wine. And if the market is not able to give you what you want, you can also try making edibles at home. All you need to remember is to measure, decarboxylate and test before eating.

Honestly, the types of edibles have grown by leaps and bounds over the years and it may not be possible to name each and every type here. So, all you have to do is visit your nearest dispensary or find a legit online store and choose your edible.  

How to Dose?

When using edibles, one thing to remember is that they can turn out to be stronger than any other method that you may have used or heard of. So, cannabis edibles may have a late-onset, but the potency can be stronger than you think. 

The high potency is a result of the digestive process, specifically the liver that converts THC into 11 hydroxy THC which is a more bioavailable and potent type of THC.

In addition to the conversion of THC, cannabis edibles can in general be more potent for beginners. A higher dose can cause intolerable effects and turn the experience into a nightmare. 

So, if you are using edibles for the first time, always remember to microdose. It’s the process of starting with the lowest dose, observing the effects and increasing or decreasing the amount according to the effects and needs. 

It’s essentially hit and trial but it is a very safe and preferred way of finding the right dose for your medical condition. 

Tips For Proper Storage

The proper storage of cannabis edibles is very important for a number of reasons. It not only ensures that the edible retains its quality for a long time but also ensures the safety of you and others around you. So, here are a few tips that can help you store cannabis edibles properly. 

  • Store it in an airtight container to increase shelf life and avoid mold formation. 
  • Keep homemade edibles and ones with easily degrading ingredients in the refrigerator. 
  • Make sure to put labels on homemade edibles to help differentiate them from regular food.
  • Carefully store your edibles in a locked space to avoid accidental ingestions by non-cannabis users. 
  • Do not leave your edibles unattended if you live with pets or children. 

So, are edibles your perfect match? Well, with all the basic knowledge, you can go ahead and find it out for yourself. 

Guide to Dose Cannabis Edibles Properly

Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are one of the safest methods of cannabis consumption, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. No combustion occurs, so no potential harms associated with cannabis smoke. It’s important to note that edibles don’t work the same way as smoking or vaping. So, it’s hard to tell how much you should consume. Even experienced users fail to figure out the right dose. Moreover, you may experience unexpected high effects associated with THC.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to figure out the edible dose, getting a medical marijuana card NY online, etc.

Edibles Are Processed Slowly

Eating marijuana is different from smoking it. When you eat cannabis products, the cannabinoids are metabolized by the digestive system. THC is metabolized in the liver and gets converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, which delivers intense high effects. Usually, the edible effects can be felt within 1-2 hours after consumption. However, the onset time depends on the metabolism rate, the concentration of THC and CBD, and the type of edible.

On the other hand, when smoked, phytocannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. So, THC binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and other parts of the body, thus causing medicinal effects. Smoking effects usually occur within a few seconds.

Edibles Last Longer

The effects of edibles last longer than any other cannabis delivery method. This is the reason why individuals looking for lasting relief prefer edibles. Usually, the edible high can last for 6-8 hours. In some cases, the effects last even longer, based on metabolism and levels of CBD and THC.

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Since edibles effects don’t diminish quickly, make sure you are prepared for it. We recommend you to use edibles at home in the company of people you trust. Avoid driving after consuming edibles.

How to Dose Edibles?

Learning what makes cannabis-infused edibles different from other forms of cannabis is very important. This way, you can figure out the right dose for your condition.

Many consumers agree with the fact that edibles deliver stronger effects as compared to smoking or other methods. As a result, it’s recommended to prefer consuming a smaller edible dose. This is important, especially when you haven’t tried edibles before. Start slow and figure out how edibles are hitting you.

Use the milligram consumption method. Begin with anything between 1-5 mg, and wait for at least 2 hours. This is because edibles are processed slowly. After 2 hours, if you feel that you need to consume more, take another dose, and wait for another 2 hours. Repeat the process until you get the medicinal effects you require.

However, if you have used cannabis edibles before and are comfortable with them, go for 5-10 mg. Consume a smaller dose if you are using a new edible and wait for some time. Remember, you might not experience side-effects after a couple of hours of consumption.

Be careful when using homemade edibles. This is because they may contain high levels of THC, which may make you uncomfortable for a few hours.

Always Buy Edibles From Licensed Sources

For buying THC edibles or CBD edibles, choose authorized sources only. Avoid visiting unauthorized shops selling edibles, which may contain higher levels of THC than what they advertise.

There’s a wide range of medical dispensaries offering home delivery services. You can select the cannabis products, and place an order within a few minutes. However, to buy cannabis legally, you require a medical marijuana card NY. Now, with telemedicine, you can apply for the card in three simple steps-

  • Fill an online form
  • See a doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive MMJ recs in PDF format instantly

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Key Takeaways

Figuring out the right edible dose is very important. For beginners, we recommend starting with anything between 1 and 5 mg. Take higher doses if you have used edibles before. Wait for at least 2 hours before taking another dose. Remember, you may not experience negative effects for a few hours. However, you should select edible products carefully. Do comprehensive research, check the cannabinoid profile, and seek professional help from a board-certified doctor for edibles.

Apply for your medical marijuana card NY hassle-free today.

Top 10 Cannabis Edibles to Have a Better Sleep

Top 10 Cannabis Edibles to Have a Better Sleep

Are you changing sides too often during your bedtime?

Is your work-life balance being a little biased towards your work affecting your sleep cycles?

We all go through difficult nights and miss on proper sleep once in a while, but if this happens too often, then it could affect your mental and physical health in the long run. Improper sleeping habits could trigger severe medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, strokes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Obesity, depression, lower sex drive, and diminished immunity are other

While long term usage of over the counter prescription sleeping pills could lead to daytime drowsiness or even trigger depression, and affect a patient’s everyday life, it leaves the patients suffering from mild to severe insomnia muddled about which medication to opt for.

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, provides a reliable solution for this condition with minor downsides. It has proven to be a miracle drug among many patients who have insomnia. After the enactment of cannabis laws in New York, it’s easier than ever to get in touch with medical marijuana doctors in New York.

An experienced physician could examine your case and help you avail the benefits of marijuana legally through a medical card.

Let us have a look at ten products available in the market, which are useful in insomnia cases.

CBD Oral Tincture – 300mg CBD

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Here are the Top 10 Cannabis Edibles to Have a Better Sleep

Sensi Chew Insomnia

SensiProducts have delivered excellent cannabis edibles since its inception. Sensi Chew Insomnia is a chocolate bar having 100mg of THC, divided into ten pieces. Each piece acts as a serving and would help you relax and have a good night’s sleep. 

Sensi Chew Insomnia is infused with 4mg of melatonin which helps to attune your sleep patterns. Melatonin in combination with cannabis doesn’t only help your stay asleep but also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving pain and bringing the stress level down. It’s a perfect edible to relieve severe to mild insomnia. 30-40 minutes before bed would be the ideal time to consume it. 

Kin Slips: Nice Dream Blend

Kin slips have a variety of cannabis-infused sublingual products. Kinslips’s nice dream blend enters our body directly into our bloodstreams, through oral mucous membranes in our mouth. Traditional cannabis edibles like cannabis-infused gummies or cakes when consumed could take an hour or two to show their effects while these edible strips kick within 15minutes after consumption. They are rich in terpenes along with other cannabinoids found in cannabis. They come in different flavors and concentration. Their sleek packaging allows you to carry them in your wallet or handbag.

Stratos THC Infused Tabs

Stratos sleep tabs are a good alternative to prescription sleeping pills. They are a perfect solution to a goodnight’s sleep and are created to maximize the absorption of cannabinoids into our system. Infused with cannabis oil made from pure Indica strains, these tabs are dedicated to lay you down. Cannabis Oil used here is prepared with CO2 oil extraction and Indica strains are used in the extraction process to derive THC that creates the calming effect.

Incredibles, Indica Cinnamon Gummies

Incredibles have these tasty chocolate bars and gummies that are bound to take you to a goodnight trip. Their cannabis-induced cinnamon gummies are potent in THC derived from pure Indica strains. Sarah, a medical patient, found these edibles to be more effective and less trash toward the taste buds. You can find a myriad of flavors of these edibles that will leave you relaxed in your bedtime.

Hippie Brew’s Lavender Chamomile Cannabis Tea

If you are a tea person and enjoy a cup before tucking into bed. Hippie Brew’s cannabis tea could be your ideal choice. Available in different flavors, these cannabis-infused tea sachets could be a refreshing solution for good dreams. They also serve as a herbal aid that acts as an effective digestive aid. 

Calming Blueberry Gummies by Altus

These edibles gummies are one of the tastiest edibles available in the market for a sleeping aid. You can buy their Blueberry and Chill Gummies available in packs of 10 gummies having 1:1 THC: CBD concentration(5mg each per dose). This would provide you an equal amount of relaxing and sedation effects.

Though if you prefer mango flavor and blueberries are a little extra on you, opt for their Mango and Maintenance Gummies, having a higher CBD content over THC(10mg CBD, 0.5 mg THC, per dosage), producing a more relaxing effect. These are also available in a pack of ten gummies.

MedOil CBD, Sleeping Pills

If you are looking for a mellow dip to good dreams and high THC doses make you feel hungover or dizzy in the daytime. MedTerra’s sleeping pills could be a good choice for you. They are infused with 25mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin per dosage, which turns out to be the perfect dosage for sleeping with mellow sedating effects. Melatonin present in these pills helps to regulate your sleeping cycles and is used as a supplement for short term insomnia.

HerbaBuens’s Lullaby Relaxing Elixir

Herba Buena has high-quality products that will leave you relaxed and light-headed. Their lullaby relaxing elixir is produced with organic sun-grown marijuana plants. They are one of the best edibles for people who have mild insomnia or irregular sleeping issues.

Kikoko’s Sympa-Tea

Cannabis-infused herbal tea is a good choice before going to bed. 3mg of THC and 20mg of CBD in each sachet works in synergy to create a soothing effect known to mellow down the body aches and stimulates the mind for better sleep. You can keep the tea bag dipped in for a longer time for a better taste. Its quick-acting effects and optimal cannabinoid composition makes it an ideal choice for a goodnight aid.