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    The Best New York Cannabis Doctors, At Your Service

    Our New York marijuana doctors firmly believe that any patient who can use medical cannabis to manage their medical condition should have the ability to access it. NY Medical Card believes in this vision and for that very reason, care and service standards stay the same for all our patients.

    Getting access to medical marijuana in New York can be quite tricky. There are several laws and regulations that a patient must keep in mind. Not to forget that in the State of New York, only 14 medical conditions qualify for the use of medical cannabis.

    Our New York marijuana doctors can give you a recommendation and guide you through the process in case you qualify. You will be connected with our health professional through our telemedicine platform. We are always available to helping every patient seeking medical attention.

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    What do You Get?

    Other than medical marijuana New York being available to you legally, there are ample other benefits of a medical marijuana card. Keep reading along to learn more benefits.


    In New York, only a handful of diseases are government-approved for the use of medical marijuana. This is something different from other states like California and Washington. This only means that you need to be more careful when using medical marijuana in New York. A 420 Doctor's recommendation makes sure that your medical condition qualifies.


    As of 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo fell short of making it a legal substance in the city. You can judge that the police are still very serious and strict about people carrying recreational marijuana. But with a medical card, you can carry as much as a 30-day supply of medical marijuana products, but these must be non-smokable at all costs.


    The products that you can use/carry as regularized by the Department of Health in 2017 are topicals like, lotions, patches and ointments, semi-solid and solid products like chewable and effervescent lozenges, tablets and certain ground plant substances but only in non-smokable forms. You can thus look forward to using a variety of THC products from your local dispensaries.


    With a medical marijuana New York card, you can nominate as many as two caregivers. These are for patients who can’t visit the dispensary and don’t access medicine themselves due to a disability. A caregiver can only represent no more than 5 patients. Minors (kids under 18) are not allowed to purchase medical cannabis. Hence, they must nominate caregivers.


    Getting a New York medical marijuana card opens a massive door of advantages for the patients, first permitting them to access marijuana under legal protection and without any fears of possible arrests. Also, at the government-approved dispensaries, you will be getting more options precisely suitable for your condition, unlike the recreational one, which you can only smoke.


    Once you get a card you can forget about all your legal worries for a whole year. The New York medical marijuana card is available with us for the validity of one year. Making it fair deal for both patients and clinics. And when the recommendation is about to collapse, hey! We are a few clicks away, and so will be your medical marijuana New York card.


    Getting a Card Online is Now Easy

    Our pioneering telemedicine platform gives you streamlined access to a medical marijuana card in New York. Just follow the 3-step process which is quick, convenient, and affordable.


    Fill the online application by entering your basic information like name, address, and date of birth.


    Interact with a certified doctor via video call and discuss your medical condition to see if you qualify.


    Get your certification upon approval. Card will be sent by regular mail. You don’t pay if you are not approved.
    medical marijuana card in new york

    For a New York Marijuana Card

    Medical marijuana was legalized in New York in the pretext of certain laws. These include the conditions that a patient is suffering from. The law has defined only 14 health conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation in the state of New York. In brief, as per the Assembly Bill 6357, a person can consume medical marijuana in New York, if they are suffering from a life-threatening condition. The list of conditions includes ALS, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal cord nerve injury with intractable spasticity, Parkinson’s Disease, Inflammatory bowel disease, Huntington’s Disease, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Epilepsy, Opioid alternative for pain, PTSD, Neuropathy, and Substance Use Disorder. Also, the patient must be suffering from at least one of the following symptoms along with any of the conditions mentioned above; Cachexia, PTSD, Opioid Disorder, Chronic Pain, Seizures, Severe Nausea, and Muscle Spasm to be able to get a doctor’s recommendation.

    See a New York Marijuana Card Practitioner Online to Discuss Your Medical Condition



    What to expect after getting a Medical Cannabis Card In New York?

    Medical marijuana in New York is on an upward spiral by gaining the confidence of people struggling with various health conditions. The New York State welcomes you to reap the benefits of the herb granted that you possess a medical marijuana card. And once you have it, you can visit any dispensary in the state and buy your favorite products without any hassles. You can also name up to two caregivers, and those who are unable to give consent, including children have to name at least one. The card allows you to buy and possess medical marijuana in the state legally but with certain restrictions. The state has legalized cannabis but only in non-food and smoke-free product forms. And that is because the state wants to ensure the safest delivery methods for patients like vaporizations, oil sprays, tinctures, and capsules. New York certainly has some ropes tied when it comes to medical cannabis, but we are hopeful that the future of the herb in the state is bright.


    Why Doctors Advice Cannabis in NY?

    Medical marijuana in New York (NY) as emerged as a safer and more effective mode of treatment for managing a variety of health conditions. It presents us with benefits we cannot afford to miss.


    Cannabis is a plant derived product that provides purely organic medicine without any side effects.


    Cannabis is a safer alternative than mainstream medications as its non-addictive and result proven.


    Cannabis can be ingested in multiple ways. You can smoke, vape, use topicals or consume edibles.


    420 doctors in New York advocate using cannabis for treating conditions like cancer, AIDS & epilepsy.


    New York Marijuana Patient Reviews

    Medical marijuana in New York as emerged as a safer and more effective mode of treatment for managing a variety of health conditions. It presents us with benefits we cannot afford to miss.

    I suffer from anxiety, have been for the past few years. The doctor asked me a few questions and within minutes got my rec on email. Very easy process.

    - Michael N

    Definitely, recommend them to you. The doctor seemed really busy but he was really patient with me. I had a couple of questions and he was kind enough to help me with them.

    - Kay R

    Couldn’t have known the process was this simple. Got my rec in less than an hour and the prices were great. It was a good day.

    - Amanda